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CASH BACKS are a nice alternative if you need urgent CASH to payoff all you credit cards with very high Interest Rates (19% average Credit Card rates).  Other possible uses of Cash Backs are:  Planning Vacation, Payoff any high interest loans, Upgrade your vehicle's accessories (Rims/Tires/Lifts/etc.), Buy a second car - cash, Future Big Expense, or anything that you can possibly use the cash for. 

What are the ways to get Cash Backs?

1)  Buying a car with Cash Back* (No Trade-In)

2)  Cash Back on your existing vehicle without Trading it in*

3)  You have an existing Car Loan but you also want to Upgrade it (Trade-in to a new one) with the Cash Back option*

How it works?

First, we get as much information about you and your existing Vehicle - If you have (please see form below).  Once we received all information that we need, our Team of Finance Managers will now assess and process your Auto Financing with Cash Back option. 

NOTE: Cash Back is up to $15,000*.  Final Cash Back amount will depend on the vehicle of your choice and your Credit history.  Please submit your information thru our site so we can have our Finance Managers assess your particular situation.  Our Services are FREE and NO obligation, so you don't have anything to lose.

Once we have the everything approved and ready, we will present all details of the new Auto Financing for you.  Then you decide if you want to proceed or not.   There is No obligation at all.  Our Services are FREE!

If you thing you need our help specially on Cash Back options, then please answer the ABOVE  information we need and submit.  

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