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REFINANCING is a common alternative in any Loans.  This gives you, as the consumer, the power to choose which Financial Services gives the best possible Interest Rate that you are qualified for.  Unfortunately, most of the Dealerships out there does not openly offer this type of service to anyone simply because they don't profit enough from this type of transactions.  They normally ask you to TRADE-IN your existing car to a newer one just to do this type of transactions so they can profit from the new purchased vehicle.  Only then will they lower your Interest Rate or your Monthly payments.

FILCANcar openly offers you this option even WITHOUT Trading-In your existing vehicle!

Who qualifies from this Auto Refinancing?

1)  You have an existing Car Loan (regardless where you bought it)

2)  You have at least 6.5% or MORE on Interest rate

3)  You have at least 4 years or more remaining on your Loan.

How it works?

First, we get as much information about you and your existing Vehicle (please see form above).  Once we received all information that we need, our Team of Finance Managers will now assess and process your Auto Refinance application. 


We make banks / lenders and other Financial creditors compete for your business and as a result, offer you a much lower interest rates.  Based on our years of experience, we can see an average of 2% up to 8% drop on Interest rates of our customers*. 


NOTE: % percent drop depends on individual situations.  Please submit your information thru our site so we can have our Finance Managers assess your particular situation.  There is NO guaranteed rate drop.  All application is based on individual Credit history.  Our Services are FREE and NO obligation, so you don't have anything to lose.

Once we have the new rates ready, we now present all details of the new Auto Financing for you.  Then you decide if you want to proceed or not.   There is No obligation at all.  Our Services are FREE!

If you thing you need our help, then please answer the following information we need ABOVE.  

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